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When it comes to our enneagram type, we are often fixated not just on our number, but the nuances of what keeps us tied to our type. I find myself exploring the characteristics and layers of my type to better understand myself and those around me. There is so much we don’t know about our enneagram types, which is equally exciting and daunting! It brings me joy to have a deep connection to my number. And let’s be honest – it’s fun to learn more about ourselves!

Before we dive in, do you know your enneagram type? I’ve created a complete guide on how to find your enneagram that you can download for free right here.

Can my enneagram number change?

If you’re like me, when I first started learning all things enneagram I’d sometimes come across a description of a different enneagram type that deeply resonated with me. At one point or another you’ve likely asked yourself, “Can my enneagram number change?” and the answer is no. Here’s why.

When I was a kid, I grew up going to this big neighborhood park near my house. Riding on the merry-go-round, sliding down the different slides, and building sand castles in the sand pit were my favorite things to do with my friends. My park bag was packed intentionally to ensure everyone who went with us would also have a great time. I brought shovels and buckets, snacks, and my radio. There was often an extra hair tie in my bag in case one of my friends needed to use it while we played. My favorite thing to bring was my biggest, most comfy blanket (doesn’t seem so large now!) so that we could have a place to sit and talk after we played.

It is actually in these simple stories that we are able to clearly see what our enneagram type is.

Our enneagram type is not defined by our tendencies, traits and actions.

It’s determined by our core motivations.

How core motivation impacts your enneagram type

My motivation for the park that afternoon was ensuring that everyone around me felt taken care of and had the best experience. In this specific scenario, I brought everything I thought would help my friends and I enjoy our time together. It was my mission to be “the helper” and give to those around me.

This may surprise you for many reasons. As we age, grow, and mature, our skills for handling what is thrown our way continues to improve. You may not even think of yourself as the same person you were when you initially took your first enneagram test, but it’s highly unlikely that the core motivations you grew up with have changed since you first identified your type. It’s a beautiful thought that even as we continue to evolve into the people we were meant to be, at our core, our enneagram type stays the same and continues to be a constant support.

As you explore your own enneagram type and learn things you may not have known, remember that resonating with different types doesn’t necessarily mean that your type is changing, but that you are evolving as a person! Plus there are SO many more things to learn on why other types may feel familiar to you (like learning about your wings, stances and subtypes). Learning all the different layers of your enneagram type is meant to be used as a tool, not a “how to” guide. Understanding what motivates you at your core and what your basic fear is will help you better know yourself and those you meet on your journey through life. Relating to other enneagram types is a normal part of maturing and understanding the enneagram as a whole. 

Having trouble understanding your type?

Have you ever related to more than one enneagram type? As an enneagram two myself, I often enjoy organizing and making lists, which can be a definitive trait of an enneagram one. As you learn more, you’ll find out that’s because one of my wing’s as a type 2 is that I have the wings of a type 1 and type 3 (the numbers on either side of two). These are like adding flavorings to my core type, which does not change.  

Now, tell me about your experiences relating to other types besides your core type below. If you are having trouble identifying or understanding which enneagram type you are, I am currently accepting Enneagram Life Coaching sessions. In just one session, you’ll uncover why you do what you do, and more about all the layers that make up parts of your personality. I help women of all ages find their strengths and conquer weaknesses so they can overcome being stuck, and become more aware on how to get the life they really want by understanding themselves better. Interested? Let me know below. I can’t wait to get started with you!

Need help finding your enneagram?

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