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Hi! And welcome to my little blogging corner of the Enneagram world.

There are so many aspects and valuable pieces of information that I want to share with you on how the Enneagram can change your life. But first… who am I?

I’m a Certified Enneagram Life Coach who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband Matt and my three awesome kids. We have been living happily ever after (as I like to call it) for 22 years and counting. Our family is a fun bunch who loves to travel to Disney every chance we get. Matt and I own four businesses and LOVE what we do.

My passion and joy is my Enneagram Life Coaching business. Learning all about the enneagram changed my life in so many ways. The most exciting thing it did in my life was that it made me abetter parent and a better wife. I have a passion for sharing how it can impact every level of your life as well.

In upcoming blogs, I will be peeling back the layers of all things enneagram. There is SO much more to learn than just taking an online quiz and finding out your number. There are enneagram wings, stress and growth arrows, parental orientations, stances, and tons more to learn.

I’ll hope you’ll stick around and learn everything I’m dying to teach you about how finding out your enneagram number can impact your life in the most awesome ways. Join my newsletter and you’ll be first to know when new blogs are written and if I have Enneagram Coaching Sessions available to book. See you again soon!

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