Have you heard of the enneagram? It's a
self-discovery tool that guides you to becoming a healthier version of yourself. As a certified enneagram life coach & marriage coach, I'll use my training & experience to help you become more aware of your motivations, fears, communication style, & behaviors to discover how they impact your confidence, relationships & other important areas of your life. Our sessions are a place of trust, growth & intention.

Have you heard of the enneagram?
It's a self-discovery tool that helps guide you to become the best version of yourself. As a certified enneagram life coach, I'll use my training and experience to help you become more aware of your motivations, fears, communication style, and behaviors
to discover how those impact your confidence, relationships and all 
of the other important areas of your life. Our sessions are a place of trust, growth & intention.

my life's purpose is helping you become the best version
of yourself

next step

Taking the first step is the hardest part. You already know you want someone to help you get past the obstacles standing in the way. But believing you are SO worth that investment of time and money is your next challenge. When I booked a Life Coach years ago, I felt exactly how you feel now. But, it was the best decision I made, both personally & professionally. It's time you start believing that you (& your relationships) are worth it too.  

Invest in yourself
& let's get started

take that first step

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Tell me all about you

This questionnaire is an important step in your coaching journey. I want to be the most effective accountability coach for you, so spend some time thinking about the areas you most want to work on together. This part of the process will guide you through potential areas for growth and help you share exactly where you are now and where you'd like to be so that I can help you get there. 

YOu'll get a detailed questionnaire to tell me about what areas you want to work on

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session Day is here

Session days with my coaching clients are my favorites! I love watching women learn things about themselves & seeing their excitement when they have those ah-ha moments during our time together. I'm so proud to be on your team and help you realize that you have all the answers inside yourself. As part of your motivation squad, I'll walk along side you on the path to action & success.

Yay, it's time for your session!
let's build a plan together
that inspires & works for you

it's time for your session! let's build a plan that inspires & works for you.

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after your Session

Coaching for me is not just a job. It is a relationship. I care about you and your journey beyond our time together. Once a session is complete, I'll send an email to remind you of the discoveries we made, the goals we discussed, and even a little homework to continue working on the path we set. I encourage you to join me on social media and in my newsletters for further growth opportunities.   

After the session, you'll receive a summary of what we uncovered & the path to moving forward


let's dig deeper

In our first session, I helped you see a map of who you are and the amazing things you're capable of. But, creating a consistent plan to make your best life happen requires time, action, intention and teamwork. By booking a more intensive coaching journey, we'll dig deep to make real & lasting change happen. Further sessions help you stay committed with a dedicated accountability partner. 

We'll continue the journey together to grow all the awesome layers of who you are






hiring your Life coach

the process

- donna

"Alicia was a rock in my life during the difficult season of divorce. She was able to help me envision a new future for myself on the other side of the painful transition that I was going through. She approached our coaching sessions with empathy and compassion while consistently helping me see how strong I really am. Her guidance helped me build the future of my dreams!"


+ New clients only session
+ One hour session via Zoom 
+ Learn how your enneagram type impacts your life and relationships. Motivations, fears, instincts, conflict style and the way you filter your experiences can leave you stuck or help you grow.
+ Client Welcome Guide to help you prepare for your session. Follow-up email after your session. 
+ Detailed questionnaire
+ Intentional Journey discount available

package includes:

investment $165

Enneagram Session

Your Investment

+ This session is for couples & returning clients. 
+ 1.5 hour coaching session via Zoom 
+ Deep dive coaching intensive to uncover where you are now and how to get where you want to be using the enneagram and accountability
+ Client Welcome Guide 
+ This session is open to discuss anything from marriage, communication, goals, healing, business coaching, personal growth, parenting or anything else weighing on your heart and mind.

package includes:

investment $205

Deep Dive Intensive


+ Package includes 3 months of coaching to build habits & mindsets
+ 6 sessions, 90 min each, biweekly
+ Bonus: two Voxer/Email responses monthly  
+ Client Welcome Guide & Journey Workbook
+ Deep dives focused on intentional personal growth in your life
+ Follow up communication after sessions
+ Package valued at over $1,800. 

package includes:

investment $995

Intentional Journey


Yes, everything you discuss with me before, during and after your session(s) will remain confidential. The only information I share on social media, newsletters, etc is a review if you decide to leave me one so that other awesome women like yourself can see if I might be a great coach for them too. 

Most of my clients have their sessions via Zoom. I do offer
in-person sessions by request only. My office is located in north Scottsdale, Arizona. Due to Covid restrictions, this offering will be subject to particular requirements and safety measurements.  

Sessions are most impactful in a one-on-one environment because it allows you the safe space to feel honest and vulnerable. Because of this, I do not recommend anyone being present for a session besides you and me. 

Some of my clients like to have a notebook and pen handy to take notes during the session, especially for those ah-ha moments. But, please know that I send you a summary after the session so you are not required to do this. Other than that, you do not have to bring anything to the session. 

A licensed therapist is more likely to work with you on past traumas that are affecting your emotions and/or behaviors  currently. I am more directly focused on who you are right now and what we can do moving forward with positive decision making, focus and using the tools of the Enneagram. Therapists and coaches are both incredible resources.  

Love this question! Yes, I do offer Gift Certificates. Gifting a session with a Life Coach is a great opportunity for someone you love. At this time, I do not offer payment plans for the Discovery or Deep Dive session, but I do allow two payments for the 3 month Intentional Coaching Journey. 


You've read about the coaching process, seen all the details of what a session includes and are prepared to invest in yourself. Dedicating time now to become more aware of HOW and WHY you make the decisions you do will create a better tomorrow.  You and I will work together to uncover an awareness that helps you go past the limits of where you are now. If you are ready to start changing things for the better, book your coaching journey now. If you have further questions, please reach out through my contact page. 

Let's get you scheduled and start making that successful impact on the goals you have for yourself, your relationships and/or in your business. The next step starts with you. 

Ready to invest in you?

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