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Whether you’re just getting started with enneagram descriptions or you’re a seasoned expert in types 1-9, there is always more to glean from studying the enneagram. When I first started my journey with the enneagram, I spent so much time researching opinions about my type. I loved seeing a unique perspective and thought it would help me better understand how I could use this information to improve my life and my relationships.

Enneagram Descriptions – Are They Actually Correct?

What I eventually realized was that after I had a clear understanding of my type, more research only led to more confusion. I deeply identify with my type and consistently seeing the good and the “bad” of my enneagram type left me feeling defensive and too self aware sometimes.

I found myself being overly critical of myself every time I did something that aligned with the “unhealthy” version of my type. Instead of refocusing on how I could do better, it would make me feel disappointed.

My Journey to Enneagram Life Coaching

In 2020 when the world was crumbling, I chased one of my biggest dreams. I became a certified Enneagram Life Coach which gave me a deeper understanding of how applying enneagram descriptions can improve my life and everyone around me. During this certification process, I also learned how to see the good in each type and help others realize their potential as well. 

What I’ve learned during this process is that instead of trying to learn as much as I can from as many different people about the enneagram, I’m instead going to rely on a few experts in this field. This has been a helpful step to having a healthy relationship with myself and my enneagram type. I’ve been able to block out the noise and focus on myself, my family, my clients and my friendships and wow – that feels amazing!

The more research you do to discover every aspect of your enneagram descriptions, remember that you are more than just a number. You are a complete being that may identify with your number entirely, or in some phases of life, maybe not as much. It is not only acceptable, but it’s celebrated that you live your life with your enneagram information in your back pocket, rather than your north star. Your enneagram is just one tool in your toolbelt! But a helpful one, I might add!

The Next Step

If you could use a friend in parsing through your enneagram type and all it has to offer, I would love to invite you to a 1-1 Enneagram Life Coaching session. Together, we will envision a plan using the tools of the enneagram, wisdom, personal growth and my experience to help you achieve a clear and consistent path towards success.

Need help finding your enneagram?

I’VE CREATED A GORGEOUS GUIDE TO HELP YOU FIGURE IT OUT! You can grab your free copy right here.

Together, you and I will uncover a path for you that leads to growth and greatness. Whether you need organization, healing, motivation, empowerment, or anything else, I would love to be a part of your team! 

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