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As social media grew in popularity, it became a pastime to take fun personality tests online. During my daily scroll, if one would find its way to me, I would eagerly see which Disney princess I was meant to be or what my Starbucks order said about my personality. There’s a reason that everyone loves to take them – they are lighthearted and fun!

When I first took the enneagram test, I thought it would be just like any other personality test I had taken. I sat at my computer, spent a few minutes racing through the questions, but was a little disappointed in my result. 

I’m an enneagram 2?! What the heck does that mean?

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Not Just Another Enneagram Personality Test

The Enneagram is not just another online personality test. In fact, it would be more accurate to call it a “motivation” test than a personality test and here’s why:

The Enneagram was created to help you better understand yourself and others by having a grasp on what motivates them. Because each enneagram type is categorized by their motivators and behaviors, there is so much to learn about your enneagram type and how you can use this information to pursue a happy, more fulfilled life.

But Alicia, you said you were disappointed in your result?!

At first, I was! I saw some of my traits in other types too. Looking back, I had the expectation that racing through my first online test would give me some sort of satisfaction by ‘knowing all the answers’. But it wasn’t until I spent the time diving into the enneagram, researching what it really meant, and how knowing my type could actually serve me that I began to see the benefits of knowing so much more about my type. Just “knowing my number” wasn’t enough to change my life in the ways I was seeking.

How to Take The Enneagram Personality Test

Before you start taking an Enneagram test, you first need to commit to taking it honestly. It can be easy to start tests like these and select the answer we think will give us a desired result. I completely understand, it can be difficult to be honest with yourself! Rest assured, there are no right or wrong answers on the enneagram test. The more truthful you are, the more accurate your typing will be. In order for the enneagram to actually serve you, you must know your type!

Next, it’s time to take your test!

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