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Enneagram Tests

Enneagram tests that are free and accurate can be difficult to find, but in today’s blog post, we dive into this very topic!

When I think about my life over the last several years, I quickly realize how much understanding I’ve gained about myself and my loved ones. I’ve been striving to work in alignment with my goals and motivations and it has paid off tenfold. My life isn’t perfect, but it has become easier now that I’m able to better navigate through the tough stuff. And to think – this all started with an Enneagram test!

What is the Enneagram?

To put it simply, the Enneagram “describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions” as stated by Truity.com. One way you can find out your enneagram type is by taking an online test to better understand your motivations and the way you filter the world. At the end of the test, you’ll know which enneagram type you likely might be. The types are basically a number from 1-9. That number is your Enneagram type! Your number is assigned according to your core motivation and fears. There are specific traits or behaviors that you will share with others of the same enneagram number, also called a “personality type”.

While most people call it a “personality test”, it is less about personality and more about deeply understanding yourself and others. The thought is, if you can understand what truly motivates you and those around you, it’s easier to accomplish what matters most to you and engage in a healthier way with others. Once you have clarity on how to get the results you want, following through on those promises becomes that much easier

Where Can I Take A Test?

As The Enneagram has surged in popularity, more testing options have become available which I’m so grateful for. However, not all tests are created equal. There are online tests that can be completed in just a few minutes. I’ve found that the more in-depth a test is, the better it is at actually producing a more true result.

These tests are the perfect starting point for learning about where you fall on the enneagram. Each test gives a thorough breakdown of each type so you can start learning all there is to know about your enneagram – your motivators, tendencies, and even your habits. As you study the nine types, you’ll start to recognize what types your loved ones might be. That is powerful information! Once you know their enneagram, you instantly become a better communicator because you’ll know what motivates them and how to be more empathetic.

What If The Tests Are Wrong?

It is possible to mistype or get a false result from an online test and here’s why – we sometimes take these tests and make selections based on our ideals and best case scenarios or who we wish we were. We aren’t entirely truthful, most times unintentionally, and that might give a mistype.

Also, there are a few types that are similar to others and that is where mistypes tend to occur (hello 1s and 3s!). A mistype leaves you feeling more confused than understood, which leaves you feeling a level of distrust towards the enneagram.

The Best Way to Find Your Enneagram

The best way to find your enneagram and feel 100% confident in the result is to work with a Certified Enneagram Coach. I am a Certified Enneagram Life Coach who helps you show up confidently in your relationships, business and all areas of your life. Hiring a life coach gives you someone who has a fresh perspective on what you are going through. You will discover your strengths and conquer your weaknesses with specific tools and guidance using the enneagram.

It would be an honor to be a part of your transformation story. I hope that you realize that YOU deserve the best in life too. You’re worth the investment and the time to learn so much more about yourself to bring the best version of you forward. You are not alone. I’m here to help you live intentionally with both purpose and passion.

Need help finding your enneagram?

I’VE CREATED A GORGEOUS GUIDE TO HELP YOU FIGURE IT OUT! You can grab your free copy right here.

Together, you and I will uncover a path for you that leads to growth and greatness. Whether you need organization, healing, motivation, empowerment, or anything else, I would love to be a part of your team! 

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