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I often get asked which Enneagram books I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn the basics. There are so many incredible options out there. The books I love have a variety of purposes. So, I’m going to share with you three different books, and the reasons why I love each of them.

The first book I highly recommend is the one you probably hear many other Enneagram coaches recommend, and is great for beginners. ‘The Road Back To You’ by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

These two top enneagram experts have created an easy to read, thorough book on the basics of the enneagram for anyone just starting out on their enneagram journey. Mine is marked up with highlights, underlines and all kinds of special notes that have become tools for growth in my relationships with all the enneagram types in my life.

The inside cover of this book sleeve has a great quote I wanted to share. “As you discover yourself in a new way on this Enneagram journey, you’ll also find that you are paving the way to the wiser, more compassionate person you want to become.” There is no better way to describe how powerful reading this book is than that. It states exactly how impactful this book can be in your life.

The second book is called ‘The Sacred Enneagram’ by Christopher L. Heuertz.

This has been one of my favorite books to share with others because it is so well written. Not only in spiritual growth, but just in feeling like I understood myself even deeper in my soul.

This book talks about “how we relate to others and God” in the most beautiful way. I will never forget how I was reading a section to a close friend about her type one day and it moved her to tears. This book has the power to make you feel vulnerable, seen, and understood.

The third book is actually a study guide called ‘The Path Between Us’ by Suzanne Stabile.

I recommend getting the actual book as well, but feel you can get some of what that book delivers from just the study guide.

The Path Between Us study guide really challenged me to look at my type and the strengths and weaknesses I naturally have. It pushed me outside my comfort zone with challenges on observing how I think, act and feel within my relationships. I spent a few weeks on each challenge, or question, and am still working my way through it. I treasure this guide as one of the best tools for personal growth that I’ve had on my enneagram journey so far.

So now, the choice is up to you! Whether you are just starting to learn the enneagram, or well versed and want to grow and be challenged, stop by your closest family owned book store and grab a copy of one, or all three, of these books and get growing.     

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