Welcome to The Enneagram Girl Podcast, hosted by Alicia Larkey, a Certified Enneagram Life Coach & Relationship Coach. If you feel overwhelmed in your relationships and want to start feeling seen, heard, validated, and hopeful, you're in the right place. Through thoughtful exploration and explanation of your Enneagram type, you'll become more confident in your behaviors, emotions, intentions, and reactions.

This podcast was created to help women (and couples) overcome being stuck, stressed and frustrated in their relationships, and with themselves. All with the purpose of you becoming the best version of yourself: the best friend, the best wife, the best mother, the best business owner, and more. This podcast is meant to support you and encourage you to begin that journey of becoming your better self.

The Enneagram Girl Podcast

This podcast isn't here to fix you.
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When it comes to our enneagram type, we are often fixated not just on our number, but the nuances of what keeps us tied to our type. I find myself exploring the characteristics and layers of my type to better understand myself and those around me. There is so much we don’t know about our […]

Enneagram Types | What You DON’T Know About Your Type


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