S1E9: The Enneagram in Marriage with Christa Hardin


Hi friends! Thank you for joining me today as I have a very special guest on, who is not only a Relationship Expert, but is an important leader in the Enneagram industry.

Christa Hardin, owner of EnneagramandMarriage.com is changing the lives of couples, coaches and clients everywhere. I’ve been so excited to have this wonderful friend and mentor on the podcast, and can’t wait to have you all meet her. 

She and I look forward to sharing some enneagram wisdom with you, and also giving you the opportunity to join a community where coaches, counselors and therapists are sharing tips and solutions, from many different angles and perspectives, to help your relationship grow.

Plus, she has an exciting new book coming out that will lead your marriage and life in the direction you want them to go. 

Welcome to The Enneagram Girl Podcast, hosted by Alicia Larkey, a Certified Enneagram Life Coach & Relationship Coach. If you feel overwhelmed in your relationships and want to start feeling seen, heard, validated, and hopeful, you’re in the right place. Through thoughtful exploration and explanation of your Enneagram type, you’ll become more confident in your behaviors, emotions, intentions, and reactions.

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Meet Christa

I wish we were doing this episode live just so we could get all these incredible tools, that will help your relationships grow, into your hands and heart faster.

 But before I bring on my awesome guest… I want to share a little bit about what a great human she is. Christa is a therapist and life coach who wears many hats in her beautiful and abundant life… which is full of serving others, in addition to being an incredible wife and mom to 3 amazing kids.

She is the Owner and Director of Reflections Counseling Center in Florida, where she leads a group of dedicated coaches, therapists, trauma specialists, and licensed mental health counselors… to help couples not only find hope for a more fulfilling relationship, but to also help shine a light on the unique pairing of their relationship.

In addition to running her Counseling Center, she is the host of a very popular podcast, plus she’s an author with a new book coming out. She also is a Coaching Course creator, and she has built a resourceful enneagram community called The E & M Collective. 

I met Christa through one of those lanes I just mentioned… her coaching program.

Being a part of the Inner Circle Team of Enneagram & Marriage coaches has been such an honor for me. This team pours into one another professionally, in addition to having the blessing of Christa herself share her wisdom and experience with us.

She’s spent almost two decades researching marriage and helping thousands of couples relate to one another in such intentional and impactful ways. Christa helps energize the love life of couples, and even guides them in how to recharge their romance when it begins to disappear, in addition to teaching couples how to be a team in walking together through the hard seasons of life.

She created her E & M Coaching Certification program to be able to teach more helpers to go out into the world and provide effective support, care and guidance to couples who want to do more than just survive together… who actually want to grow and evolve together.

As an experienced E & M coach myself, and because of Christa’s mentorship.., I get the blessing of lifting couples up when they need it most, and guide them towards thriving together. Being a source of encouragement in someone’s marriage creates a ripple effect that not only shines a positive light on the growth opportunities of my couples, but also helps break generational cycles and improves the future of that couple’s children by helping their family thrive and blend together in a more stable and present environment. 

As you’ve heard me mention on this podcast many times this season, learning your enneagram type and your partner’s enneagram type will help free you to show up so much more intentionally and effectively in your relationship, as well as for yourself and your family. It will improve your job, your friendships, even your self-esteem among many other layers of your life.

The Enneagram in Marriage

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