How To Achieve New Years Goals – Using Your Enneagram Number


Enneagram memes are fun and all, but did you know the Enneagram can help you achieve your goals? Knowing your number is not just a way to learn more about yourself. It’s a tool for deep transformation that can improve every aspect of your life. 

From the quality of your relationships to your marriage to how you operate in your business, The Enneagram helps you do and enjoy more. So while you’re chuckling in response to how your Enneagram number shows up during a holiday decorating sesh with your fam, also know you can use the Enneagram to tackle your biggest goals. 

And what better time for that than the New Year?!

Disclaimer: There’s a 99.99% chance you’re going to react with a “wait, what? excuuuuuuuuse me, Alicia!” at some point when you’re learning about your Enneagram number (especially in relation to achieving your goals). And that’s a good thing. Feeling seen – even exposed or called out or offended – when learning about your Enneagram number is common.

It means you’re doing it “right”. 

Acknowledging we have blind spots we might not love – that we’re doing things we might not even realize we’re doing – is uncomfortable for ALL of us. But if you want to use the Enneagram to ACTUALLY change your life (and not just be something fun you scroll past on the ‘gram), this self-discovery is a critical part of the journey.

To have the clarity you want to have, and improve your life, relationships, and work, you have to acknowledge your strengths AND your “weaknesses”. Lean into the discomfort as much as the fun and THAT is how you use the Enneagram to accomplish all of your goals this New Year. 

You use the Enneagram to fall more in love with your partner.

You use the Enneagram to tackle big projects at work.

You use the Enneagram to feel more connected with your friends than ever before.

But only if you first acknowledge what you don’t love and recognize we ALL have pieces of our personalities we wish we could change. And more than that, when you read about yourself, know you do NOT have to change who you are. You just have to change how you react. And that’s what the Enneagram will help you do. Because when you change how you react, you change what you experience!

So, here’s how to achieve your New Year’s goals using your Enneagram number!


Ones tend to be detail-oriented and task-driven. Their goal-setting style is based on planning and preparing all of the logical steps required to achieve their goals. This helps them stay focused. Sometimes they get off the path when their need for perfection outweighs the importance of staying on a timeline to reach their goals. Ones need to try to accept that sometimes done is better than perfect.



Twos tend to set goals centered around other people and relationships. They can lose focus on their own goals when they feel the need to help someone else meet their goals instead. Twos need to protect their own time and creative space instead of focusing on other people’s. 



Threes are motivated by success and achievement, so goal-setting comes naturally to them. Threes tend to be more productive than most and have a lot of energy. Because of this, they say yes to a lot of tasks and people which can backfire on them. Threes need to figure out their own capacity and boundaries so that they don’t have to hide away to recharge and feel like they’re letting down themselves or others. 


Fours are very much connected to their emotional energy so their goals can fluctuate based on how they are feeling. Goal-setting for fours needs a structure, like action steps, so they can accomplish tasks piece by piece while allowing for space in between. Because they are often creative and inspired when working on something meaningful, fours need to accept that the process of completing tasks can sometimes be boring or uninspiring, but it doesn’t mean it’s without purpose and importance.



Fives enjoy doing all the research to prepare for goals and create the plan for reaching the goal, more than accomplishing the goal itself. This type will often have pages and lists detailing what they want to do but procrastinate on actually making a final decision. They crave more information than they already have. Fives tend to accomplish the final piece of the puzzle once there is a deadline in place.



Sixes crave routine and confidence in their work habits and decision making so goal-setting comes easily. (Often because they’ve weighed the risks of not finishing said goal.) This type has an inner-committee they check in with beforehand so if something goes unexpectedly, it can create a lot of anxiety for a six. Sixes are great at confirming their capabilities and expectations before accepting work so they usually remain loyal to accomplishing their goal.


Sevens love to be busy and involved in a lot of experiences so goal-setting feels exciting to them. They can become overwhelmed when they get too much on their plate though, especially if it involves a deadline. Sevens need to make sure they allow downtime for self-care and resetting their mind to get through the mundane tasks that they are likely to put off because it isn’t as fun as some of the other parts of reaching a goal.



Eights are always up for a challenge, especially when it comes to reaching a goal. They like to prove they are capable and driven. They also tend to have leadership qualities so are better at delegating tasks to others than most other numbers. Eights like to be problem solvers so they are inspired to be productive and take care of challenges to help others.



Nines would love to be more goal-oriented, but they are aware that goal-setting can seem futile because too many things can change before accomplishing said goal. They are team-oriented so they are more likely to finish tasks related to a team project and procrastinate on their own personal projects. Nines might try to add in accountability partners as an added step towards achieving their goals on time.  

Lara Casey says “How you spend your time is how you spend your life.” 

That’s powerful because we spend so much time “being busy” as we work on our to-do lists and goals. Understanding WHY and HOW your Enneagram type chases a goal is important because it reflects the life you are living (and gives you an opportunity to make a change).

I know it can be hard for some numbers to hear their traits on the Enneagram. But we have to get past those initial vulnerable or exposed feelings IF we then want to use the lessons for (1) awareness about our relationships, friendships, and workplace environment SO THAT they can all be better or (2) use this information to grow and slowly become aware of WHEN these traits we don’t necessarily like start seeping out and how we can acknowledge them and learn to reign them in quicker SO THAT we can get what we actually need for best mental/emotional/physical health in those situations.

The Enneagram can change your life and help you achieve ANY goal this New Year. But to get there, you have to see the real stuff (which we often label as “bad stuff”). But it’s not bad, it’s just an obstacle. One you have power over, even though you don’t always think you do. 

And remember, to have the real growth in life you’re looking for, you have to put what you’re learning into action. I can help with that. Book a session with me here.

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